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[Framework Tools]

A suite of tools has been developed to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement their instructional materials by deepening understanding of the content goals and student conceptual development in their classroom science materials.  To date 17 sets of framework tools have been developed for use in the Peer Teacher Workshops (PTWs).  Classroom observation data provided by MISE's external evaluators suggest that these tools have been used successfully to support teacher understanding of targeted science content as well as their ability to effectively implement instructional materials.  Data is currently being gathered to measure to what degree these tools are impacting instruction. 

Teachers and supervisors are invited to access these tools for use in their districts. You are invited to share how you have used these tools or learn about how other educators have used them. Download a presentation which MISE staff have used to introduce the framework tools and their potential uses. Here is a list of tools available by request.  


[K-12 Materials/Modules]

Instructional materials play a key role in the changes that move toward inquiry-centered, standards-based instruction. Recognizing this reality, MISE enabled its partner districts to participate in one of the Science Education Strategic Planning Institutes conducted by the National Science Resources Center. These six-day institutes were designed to assist school districts in implementing a systemic approach to science education reform. Following their development of strategic plans for science education, partner districts worked with the Merck Institute for Science Education to select instructional materials. Partner districts are currently using the modules shown in this chart. At some grade levels district-developed resources are used for selected units of study.