Merck Institute for Science Education Programs Family Science Days

´╗┐The Merck Institute for Science Education (MISE) staff and educators lead Family Science events, where they engage children and their families in hands-on science activities and investigations of science concepts.

During Family Science, parents and children work cooperatively in pairs and small groups to solve problems and talk about their scientific observations.  Events are based on a particular theme in science such as physical science, forensics, or astronomy with activities such as separating the ink mixture in a black marker, building and testing film-canister rockets, or modeling moon phases with Styrofoam spheres.

Family Science events are held at Merck sites as well as in MISE partnership school districts as Family Math and Science Nights for students and their parents.  Many schools have enlisted MISE staff and partnership teachers to lead the families through activities that help to make parents aware of the ways mathematics and science are being taught in the school district.