Merck Institute for Science EducationPrograms

The Merck Institute for Science Education (MISE) is committed to providing educators with opportunities to deepen their understanding of science and strengthen their expertise in how to teach this critically important subject. To this end, MISE supports professional development programs in science for teachers and administrators that emphasize effective instruction and leadership skills.

The Academy for Leadership in Science Instruction (the Academy), MISE’s signature K-12 professional development initiative, is a three-year program that brings together teachers, principals and district administrators to improve science instruction, deepen understanding of the fundamentals of leadership and create professional communities of learners within and among schools. Through the work of the Academy, school districts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania develop the capacity to support instructional improvement in science.

Peer Teacher Workshops (PTW) have been a core professional development strategy of MISE and its partners since MISE’s inception. PTWs provide opportunities for teachers to deepen their knowledge of how to effectively use their classroom materials as they focus on grade-level science content. The workshops focus on developing student understanding of the content, classroom management techniques, strategies for assessing student learning and alignment to state standards.