Merck Institute for Science Education About Our Work

The Merck Institute for Science Education (MISE) develops and guides professional development programs for teachers and administrators that enhance their knowledge and skills. MISE accomplishes this through:

MISE initiated its work by forming a partnership with four public school districts—Linden, Rahway and Readington Township in New Jersey, and North Penn in Pennsylvania—where Merck had major facilities.  Three additional districts—Elizabeth, Hillside, and Newark, New Jersey—have since joined the Partnership.  MISE also advises national and international education leaders to reach an ever-growing number of teachers, students and communities.   

[Indicators of Success]

The Partnership is working towards the following indicators of success: 

    1. All students in grades K-12 have access to a rigorous science education taught by educators who have regular access to professional development in science. 
    2. Science is given the same priority as other disciplines.  There is sufficient, regularly scheduled time to teach science, and teachers and students have access to appropriate and up-to-date materials and resources.
    3. Teachers implement the science curriculum with fidelity. 
    4. Teachers work closely with their colleagues to create professional communities of practice within schools and across their district. 
    5. Decisions about teacher practice and student performance are based on evidence, and teachers have access to appropriate, targeted assessments.

Ultimately, the Partnership will be successful when there is an increase in student performance and participation in science.