Merck Institute for Science Education About Milestones


MISE celebrates the first graduating class of The Academy for Leadership in Science Instruction.


MISE is recognized by President Obama as a model science education initiative at a White House event to launch Change the Equation, an outgrowth of the "Educate to Innovate" campaign.

MISE establishes a new partnership with the Newark (NJ) Public Schools.


MISE inaugurates The Academy for Leadership in Science Instruction.


Ready, Set, SCIENCE! is published by the National Academies Press with support from MISE. This publication makes the latest science education research accessible to educators and wins the Association of Educational Publishers 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award.


IN-STEP, a three-year program to improve student performance in science in tsunami-ravaged areas of Thailand, commences in Phang-Na, Thailand.


The National Science Foundation awards MISE a second grant for the "Consortium for Achievement in Mathematics and Science" which seeks to improve the way middle school mathematics and science are taught. MISE introduces the In-Class Support Coaching Program.


The National Science Teachers Association recognizes MISE for "leadership in enhancing professional development for science teachers."


Merck is honored with the Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership from the White House.


MISE publishes An Assessment Sampler, drawing from the work of teachers in partnership districts.


The National Science Foundation awards MISE a five-year grant for "The Partnership for Systemic Change: A School/Business Collaboration for the Enhancement of Science, Mathematics and Technology Teaching and Learning" for the purpose of providing high-quality professional development to K-8 teachers from four districts.

MISE establishes the Peer Teacher Workshops and Administrators' Institute.


MISE launches the Leader Teacher Institute to deepen teachers' science content knowledge and leadership capacity.


MISE partners with the University of Pennsylvania and the National Science Foundation to initiate the Penn-Merck Collaborative for the Enhancement of Science Education and the Merck Fellows Program.


MISE is established with a ten-year commitment from Merck & Co., Inc.

MISE opens its first Resource Center in Rahway, NJ, housing best-in-kind science instructional materials.