Merck Institute for Science EducationAbout

The Merck Institute for Science Education (MISE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving science teaching and learning in public schools, with the ultimate goal of improving all students’ performance and participation in science. Established in 1993 by Merck, MISE works in partnership with school districts to make science a priority and foster understanding of high-quality science education.

The cornerstone of MISE’s work is research-based professional development opportunities that lead to sustained improvement in science instruction. MISE collaborates with teachers, principals and district administrators, equipping thousands of educators with the knowledge and tools to teach science more effectively and engage students for a lifetime of learning science. Today, MISE partners with school districts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that serve nearly 100,000 students.

MISE’s impact extends beyond implementing a widely admired model of high-quality professional development. The Institute is committed to influencing education policy and furthering science education reform on both state and national levels. To this end, MISE has taken a significant role in the development of statewide science content and professional development standards and has provided assistance to other programs and organizations with similar goals.